April|by Castell

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Everything here is made from scratch by me.

Note: This Avatar comes with an optimized version. It's not Quest compatible and I don't plan on doing a Quest version of this model.

Note 2: If you live in Europe you might wanna get her in Jinxxy so you don't have to pay for VAT.
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Phys bones interactions:

  • She can be high-fived and leaves a cute mark.
  • You can high-five your friends (plays a slap sound when you hit someone's hand);
  • You can toggle all high-fives OFF in the Body Adjustments menu;
  • Your eyes close when someone touches then.
  • If anyone grabs your ears you'll make an angry face.

    Note: For all of these to work you and the person you are interacting with need to have interactions turned on


  • Mantis Blade toggle;
  • CyberVision toggle (Default state for all the filters, It also makes the world brighter and you can view nametags trough walls);
  • Night Vision toggle (See the world in a neon green outline filter)
  • Sleep Mode (Makes the world seem blue, darker and comfy to sleep)
  • Target Mode (Makes everything black white and red so you can focus on your targets)
  • Backrooms Mode (███████ ███ █████████ ██████████ ███ ███████████ )
  • Pink Glasses Mode ( Makes the world a better place to fall in love)

Body Adjustments:

  • 2 different nail types;
  • Cat ears and tail toggle;
  • Elf ears;
  • 4 Skin tones (Light/Tan/Dark/Red);
  • Skin hue adjustments (For every color possible);
  • Tattoos toggle;
  • Body emissions hue and strenght sliders;
  • Sclera colour toggle (the white of the eyes become black);
  • Some body adjustment sliders;

Hair Adjustments:

  • Colour wheel (Black to red to blonde to white);
  • HUE colour wheel (all colours possible and white);
  • Emission colour wheel (all colours and white);
  • Emission strength adjustment wheel;
  • Short and Ponytail hair toggles;
  • 2 different sets of front hair;

Colour Adjustments:

  • Eyes HUE colour wheel (all colours and white);
  • Body suit and other Details hue colour wheel (The red parts);
  • Details style colour wheel (to allow different patterns);
  • Gold Metals toggle;
  • Jacket Colour and Hue wheels;
  • Tshirt colour wheel;
  • Hair and Skin have colour options in their menus.

Clothes Toggles:

  • Jacket, Tshirt, Suit, Armor, Pants, Socks, Boots toggles (Everything can be used together or apart).


  • 7 vrcfury light points;
  • Other Details.


VRChat SDK 3.0 (Download creator companion) and Unity 2019.4.31f1

This model is entirely made from scratch by me.

This model is copyright protected.

You need to have the Raliv script for the --- version to work.

Be sure to read the instructions in the package.

You are not allowed to resell and redistribute this model or any parts of this model.

You are allowed to stream, make videos, edit as much as you like, use in any private way as you want.

Credit is appreciated but not necessary unless content made with the model is purely based on the model.


Any questions/complaints/problem solving/etc you can always message me in discord or twitter, my DMs are always open.

I also have a "help-me" chat on my discord server in case you need it.


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April|by Castell

28 ratings
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