Qiuyue | 秋月|by Castell

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Everything here is made from scratch by me.

UPDATE 2: Qiuyue now makes use of the new phys-bones feature.

UPDATE: Qiuyue now comes in 3 different skin tones and optimised versions so you can go to Events with her. She has all colour changing options, some body adjustments of the original and a NSFW toggle. I hope you enjoy the update!!
BTW: This version won't work as a Quest Avatar


Body Adjustments:

  • You can toggle between ponytail and long hair;
  • 3 different nail types;
  • Fangs toggle;
  • Elf ears toggle;
  • Tail toggle;
  • Horn toggle and size adjustment.

Clothes Adjustments:

  • Dragon set or Bikini set toggle;
  • Shirt opacity and size adjustment;
  • Gloves and socks size and armor toggles.

Colour Adjustments:

  • 9 different hair sets of colours;
  • 4 different sets of colours for clothes (2 colourful, 1 white, 1 black);
  • HUE options for Eye, Hair, Clothes and Emission;
  • Emission strength adjustment.

Clothes Toggles:

  • Choker, heels, top, bottom, gloves, socks, shirt, mask, armor parts

14 Custom Emojis:

  • Yes, No, Laugh, Angry, Kiss, Tsch, Nyah, Hearts, Sleepy, Eating, Sad, Mad, Shy, NICE
  • The emojis were comissioned from @xiAmbearx on twitter


VRChat SDK 3.0 Unity 2019.4.31f1

This model is entirely made from scratch by me.

This model is copyright protected.

You need to have the DPS by Raliv and Dynamic Bones script for everything to work.

Be sure to read the instructions in the package.

You are not allowed to resell and redistribute this model or any parts of this model.

You are allowed to stream, make videos, edit as much as you like, use in any private way as you want.

Credit is appreciated but not necessary unless content made with the model is purely based on the model.

Any questions/complaints/problem solving/etc you can always message me in discord or twitter, my DMs always open



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Qiuyue | 秋月|by Castell

26 ratings